The Key to Confidence is Effective Management

There is nothing more critical to the success of your Initial Coin Offering (ICO) or your Security Token Offering (STO) than the liquidity of your digital tokens on the exchanges which you have worked hard to list them on.

Because we are traders first, we understand how to provide appropriate and situation-specific listing and liquidity management services to ensure the continued success of your project as well as sustained interest in your digital token offering.

We also offer a comprehensive suite of management tools for exchange operators to ensure reliable, timely and market-oriented liquidity.

Trade Volume

Liquidity is key to ensuring continued interest in any ICO, as well as creating opportunities for future growth,

In order to facilitate the longevity of your digital assets, automated trading algorithms provide bid-ask spreads and market depth across exchanges and within exchanges across numerous major cryptocurrencies.

Automated trading algorithms provide dynamic bid-ask spreads and market depth to facilitate liquidity for buy/sell orders.

Order Book Depth

Order book depth is carefully managed against the backdrop of dynamic market conditions, price movements and trading bands to achieve targeted outcomes.

Automated algorithms provide 24/7 market depth and are constantly monitoring trading behavior, responding to liquidity events, price movements and stabilization criteria to ensure seamless and orderly trading operations, particularly in times of extreme market volatility.

We deploy multiple algorithms to mitigate price and volume dislocations, ensuring tight spreads, liquidity and continuous trading.

Hedging Offset

Inventory and exposure must be carefully managed and at times, order book depth may create trade orders which exceed exchange-allocated inventory balances, resulting in unnecessary volatility.

To ensure smooth and orderly market operations, a suite of hedging tools are deployed to minimize inventory risk and portfolio exposure.

Active hedging requires a holistic overview of outstanding market positions as well as internal client positions, to ensure that risks are comprehensively catered for under all market conditions.

Exchange Stabilization

Because digital assets have the freedom to be traded both on authorized exchanges as well as those without which permission has been granted, it is critical to the success of your company to ensure active management across multiple platforms to prevent arbitraging.

Depending on your specific goals, our experience integrating with a variety of platforms ensures capability and consistency across a variety of venues to ensure the effective management of your digital assets in managing, leveraging or containing volatility and arbitrage opportunities.